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CCB - Centro Cultural de Belém
Centro Cultural de Belém, which closes off one side of the Praça do Império, is located in Lisbon's most renowned historic area. The setting and architecture of the zone are unmatched in the city: in the background the Tagus estuary; Belém Tower; Jerónimos Monastery; the Maritime Museum; the Planetarium; the Coach Museum; and a precious group of restored 16th century dwellings.

While focusing on the cultural aspect, Centro Cultural de Belém has not neglected its parallel vocation as a meeting place for conferences and congresses. Its Conference Centre, provided with an excellent auditorium and service complex, is able to offer close, dynamic links to the most varied corporate and professional sectors.

A symbol of Portuguese modernity, CCB presently consists of separate though complementary nuclei, in keeping with a modular concept providing the maximum possible flexibility and functionality: the Conference Center, the Performing Arts Center, the Exhibition Center, and the Pedagogic and Entertainment Center

Interspeech'2005 will take place in the Conference Center, which includes a modern and vast set of auditoria, halls and foyers, with sophisticated equipment, guaranteeing levels of quality according to internationally recognised standards. The diversity of the available space allows greatly flexible and multivalent options, which may vary between business meetings in adequate sized offices and congresses with a great number of participants.

Plenary sessions will take place in the largest auditorium, a typical theatre equipped with a proscenium-stage. With a seating capacity for 1500, it was designed for opera, theatre, ballet and cinema shows, but easily adapted to host congresses and meetings.

The remaining areas reserved for Interspeech'2005 are the rooms Calempluy, Siaca and Quedá (200-230 m2, 200-250 people), and several foyers.

The Center is characterized by the existence of great outdoor spaces with shops, different areas and gardens, which allow the holding of large scale activities, providing an atmosphere and characteristics without equal, at the same time recreational, cultural and professional.

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